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Quincy Compressor QRNG Compressor Packages

As the WORLD LEADING packager of Quincy Compressor QNRG (Quincy Reciprocating Natural Gas) compressors, we have the experience and resources to meet your low horsepower, natural gas compression need. We offer both single stage and two stage compression with our QRNG packages. Below you will find information on these packages and their proven capacities at varying operating pressures.

Single Stage Compression
Listed in order of lowest flow capacity to highest flow capacity.

KC-216 (Kingsly Compression, Single stage, QRNG 216 packages)
KC-216 Flow Chart

KC-240 (Kingsly Compression, Single stage, QRNG 240 packages)
KC-240 Flow Chart

KC-270 (Kingsly Compression, Single stage, QRNG 270 packages)
KC-270 Flow Chart

KC-4125 (Kingsly Compression, Single stage, QRNG 4125 packages)
KC-4125 Flow Chart

Two Stage Compression
Listed in order of lowest flow capacity to highest flow capacity.

KC-325 (Kingsly Compression, Two Stage, QRNG 325 packages)
KC-325 Flow Chart

KC-340 (Kingsly Compression, Two Stage, QRNG 340 packages)
KC-340 Flow Chart

KC-370 (Kingsly Compression, Two Stage, QRNG 370 packages)
KC-370 Flow Chart

KC-5120 (Kingsly Compression, Two Stage, QRNG 5120 packages)
KC-5120 Flow Chart

Used Reciprocating Natural Gas Compressor Packages
We offer dozens of used reciprocating natural gas compressor packages. Our highly trained staff has the knowledge and experience to rebuild/recondition most used natural gas compressor packages. Several of our in-stock packages include compressors and drivers manufactured by;



Please review the In-stock Inventory section for available packages and further details!